FMSB publishes new financial markets misconduct research

London, 27 July 2018 – The FICC Markets Standards Board (“FMSB”) today publishes its Behavioural Cluster Analysis (“BCA”) study. This is a unique piece of research that has reviewed the behavioural patterns in 390 cases of misconduct in financial markets over an extended period of time (225 years stretching back to 1792) and covering 26 […]

CFTC Talks Podcast with Mark Yallop

20 July 2018 – CFTC Talks features FMSB Chair Mark Yallop in this week’s podcast. Topics discussed include the enormous cost to the world financial system of bad behaviour, how to historically break down market misconduct into 7 categories and why trust is the heart of the financial markets. Link to CFTC Podcast Archive Link […]