Risk Management Transactions for New Issuance standard for the Fixed Income markets Transparency Draft

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This Risk Management Transactions for New Issuance Standard sets out expected behaviours that are designed to improve the practice and awareness regarding risk management activity that is conducted in and around the new issuance of bonds.

These improvements should enhance the fairness and effectiveness of the process for all market participants.

This Standard applies to all market participants who are directly involved in Risk Management Transactions (RMTs) that are known by the participant to be linked to syndicated offerings of fixed income bonds in the wholesale primary bond markets in Europe (but subject to any applicable local regulatory restrictions). It is anticipated that it will be adopted by primary markets participants in other jurisdictions over time.

The Risk Management Transactions for New Issuance standard is issued as a Transparency Draft. Please provide your comments by 20 December 2017.

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Last updated 13 December 2017