Written on: 27 September 2023

We welcome Starling Trust Sciences, LLC (Starling) as a new Partner Member of FMSB.

Starling is a technology and advisory solutions provider and the host of Starling Insights, a peer knowledge exchange platform. Starling helps organisations to identify and mitigate non-financial risks, particularly those that stem from organisational culture and the conduct it promotes.   

FMSB will share its own views and learnings across the Starling Insights platform and through its publications including the annual Starling Compendium: Culture and Conduct Risk in the Banking Sector. Starling’s list of advisors and contributors is a ‘who’s who’ of the financial services industry, including leading executives, former regulators, academics, and others with highly specialised expertise. 

Learn more about Starling. 

Learn more about Starling Insights. 

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