Our vision

To be the leading market-led, global standards body for fair and effective wholesale financial markets

Our mission

FMSB seeks to improve the transparency, fairness and effectiveness of global wholesale markets by:

• acting in a collaborative and agile fashion across all market interests;
• harnessing the market position, thought leadership, technical knowledge and expertise of members;
• being forward-looking, alert to emerging risks to markets and market structures on the horizon and aware of disruptive impacts of innovation; and
• promoting adherence to expert standards and individual understanding of the importance of fair and effective markets

Our purpose

By improving their transparency, fairness and effectiveness, FMSB seeks to support well-functioning, trusted global wholesale financial markets that in turn support sustainable economic growth for governments, corporations and investors

Three strategic themes

Collaboration – finding more ways to collaborate selectively with like-minded bodies and regulatory authorities in order to augment the impact and reach of FMSB’s work as well as adopting a more forward-looking approach to risk identification and mitigation;

Internationalisation – expanding the international reach of FMSB through private sector participation and building on relationships with global regulators; and,

Membership – maintaining and growing participation from a broad cross-section of firms and end-users.